BIONDI – Una storia italiana lunga 70 anni

The F.LLI BIONDI brand was founded in the 50s by the industrial reconversion of a historic Florentine company that produced artistic wrought iron still present on numerous monuments in Florence.

In the years preceding the economic boom, the vocation for innovation and research made  understand the Biondi brothers, in advance of the times,the development opportunities that were being created by the growing motorization of the post-war period.

Soon the company began to sell a series of accessories for the various types of two-wheeled vehicles that were spreading on Italian roads. From the specific windscreens for the first models of the Piaggio Vespa, thanks to continuous research and study for the ever-changing needs, it passed in the following 60s to the production of an even wider range of accessories, luggage racks, mats, foot rests, bumpers and rear-view mirrors and much more, thus meeting the needs of a market that was developing and differentiating with the introduction of new vehicle models.

In the following decades, the production specialized in more specific sectors of accessories to focus mainly on the study of advanced models of windshields and motorcycle screens.
This specialization led the years 90 and 2000 to the collaboration with important motorcycle teams of important international teams.
Riders of the caliber of Max Biaggi, Chili, Barros, Laconi and others raced and appreciated the performances of the BIONDI small screens.

Always in those years the company, thanks to the experience acquired in the field of competitions, develops new safety standards, for conformation and for use of innovative materials, introducing on the market a new range of windscreens with unique reliability and safety features and applying these new quality standards to windscreens and small screens, with an original design, compatible for every brand on the market.