Since the 50s the world’s largest range of windscreens and accessories for over 1,000 models of scooters and motorcycles.

Biondi is the leading company in the production, entirely made in Italy, of accessories for scooters and motorcycles in the specific sector of windscreens and small screens.
Devoting itself over the years in the realization of these accessories for every single brand and model, today it boasts on a vast catalog of articles able to provide customers with a solution for each specific vehicle.
For any brand and model on the market since the ’50s the customer can find the accessory for the specific model required

A windshield or small screen BIONDI completes a scooter or a motorcycle, improving its performance.
A windshield or small screen BIONDI is the end result of a process of experimentation, study and design that enables every scooter rider or motorcycle rider to satisfy his need to the utmost of technique and style in complete safety.
This is because BIONDI products are made with high quality standards for innovation, safety and customer satisfaction.
Products capable of enriching the equipment of a scooter or a motorcycle, improving comfort and functional performance.

The clothing/textile line:
The BIONDI range of accessories includes a series of accessories to protect the driver and the vehicle from climatic conditions.
As for the rest of the production, the accessories of the clothing / textile line are developed with Hi-Tech materials and solutions and with particular attention to style. In addition to taking care of driver comfort and vehicle protection, the design makes an article in this line a trendy item that can complement the scooter and motorcycle equipment in style.