A continued search for new technical solutions and for new shapes and materials.

The makers and designers improve the manufacturing processes of new applications in our Design Center. They unceasingly experiment with new technical methods, new shapes and new materials.
Biondi became very popular on the market over the years thanks to this uninterrupted research.
Some of our ideas were particularly successfull:

  • AVS (AntiVibrationSystem): it is the exclusive feature of the points of connection between our shields and our brackets. This device reduces considerabily the breakings of shields caused by vibrations for driving on rough terrain.
  • Silvercoloured rims, resinated labels, black serigraphs on the shields for maxiscooters, cupolini with double convexity, in various colours for motorcycles.

All these aesthetic innovations met with the approval of two-wheels fans.

Starting value: minimum 90%
Value after 10 years: minimum 80%

Specifications and safety
Biondi has always been sensitive to the themas concerning safety.
That is why we renounced to many different materials and converged our production of shields on the extruded SCHOCKPROOF (certified by TÜV). Some different materials break into dangerous splinters, like glass. On the contrary is very strong, very transparent and, in the event of breaking it breaks into two pieces with no scattering of sharp splinters everywhere.
The thickness of our shields is 3 mms. and, for some maxiscooters, 4 mms.

Besides, our brackets feature welded stiffenings that protect the shield and the handlebar, involving several additional manufacturing processes. Their painting processes is certified ISO 9001. Their threated arms are zinced first and
then painted, in order to protect them from rust.



Checks – Controls – Tests
Before starting the production, each model is always putì through a road test, and through further specifical tests too, when we think it is right.

The test bench

Test bench: This machinery produces vibrations capable of being modulated. These vibrations help us to locate the breaking point of shields or brackets. After the location of the breaking point we make all the changes that are needed in order to reinforce the product.