Sport Numberplate Holder (complete kit)

69,54 (VAT Included)

COMPATIBILITÀ (compatibility):

KAWASAKI->ZX-10R Ninja 998->2008
KAWASAKI->ZX-6R Ninja 599->2009
KAWASAKI->ZX-6R Ninja 599->2014


Specific model. Adjustable inclination. Black painted steel. This numberplate holder consists of the adjustable steel plate support. It is mounted as a replacement to the original part, which is removed.
(Made in Italy)

This product is not in conformity with the laws in force on homologation matters and it is not in conformity with traffic regulations for the circulation. You can use it exclusively in closed circuits. We decline all responsabilities for illegitimate use.
Clean with water and soft cloths. Do not use solvents or acid detergents.

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