Sport Numberplate Holder (complete kit) – YAMAHA YZF-R6 600cc. 2006-2007, YZF-R6 600cc. 2009

69,54 (VAT Included)

COMPATIBILITÀ (compatibility):

YAMAHA->YZF-R6 600 cc.->2006-2007
YAMAHA->YZF-R6 600 cc.->2009


Specific model. Adjustable in inclination. Black painted steel.
The upper part is steady and it is attached under the end of the bike.
The lower part is adjustable: you can choose the inclination that you prefer, loosing and tightening the two screws that join these two parts.
No drilling, no dismantling of the end of the bike is needed for the installation.
(Made in Italy)

Assembly instructions included in the package

 View instruction

This product is not in conformity with the laws in force on homologation matters and it is not in conformity with traffic regulations for the circulation. You can use it exclusively in closed circuits. We decline all responsabilities for illegitimate use.
Clean with water and soft cloths. Do not use solvents or acid detergents.

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