Sport Numberplate Holder (complete kit) – YAMAHA T-MAX 530 2017-2019, T-MAX 560 2020

79,30 (VAT Included)

COMPATIBILITÀ (compatibility):

YAMAHA ->T-MAX 530 -> 2017-2019
YAMAHA ->T-MAX 560 -> 2020


Specific model. Adjustable inclination. Black painted steel.
It is mounted as a replacement to the original part, which has to be removed. No changes required.

Assembly instructions included in the package

 View instruction


(Made in Italy)

This product is not in conformity whit the laws in force on homologation matters and it is not in conformity with traffic regulations for the circulation. You can use it only in closed motodromes.
We decline all responsibilities for illegitimate use. Do not make changes in this product.

Adjust with care the numberplate holder: When the bike is fully loaded, mak sure that the numberplate holder does not interfere either with the tyre of the bike or with the rear shock absorber (when it is in its lower stroke-end).
Tighten well all the adjustement screws.

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