Universal Screen for Bicycle and E-Bicycle (only screen to combine to cod.8500977)

73,80 (VAT Included)

COMPATIBILITÀ (compatibility):



Windscreen for Bicycles and E-Bicycles
(Only screen, you have to add mounting kit cod.8500977)

Line: Club
Colour: Transparent
Mounting Kit: not included
Measures: 51 h – 40 L cm.

Thickness: 2,5 mm.
Material: AVS Biondi (TÜV certified)
Singole pack: Nr.1 in Biondi bag
Multiple pack: N.50 pieces in Biondi Box
(Made in Italy)


In the event of strong wind reduce speed.

This windshield may change the dynamics and the stability of the vehicle.
Drive at a moderate speed. Never exceed 100 km/h. Hold the handlebar tightly with both hands.

The inner surface of the screen converges sunrays on the instruments panel.
That may overheat and deform the plastic parts of the instruments panel.
We suggest to park the scooter with the outer surface of the screen facing the turn of the sun.

Clean the shield with neutral soap and water. Dry by wet chamois leather.
In order to remove small scratches use liquid polish of cars. Don’t use petrol, solvents, alcohol.

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